Mike Okada

Thee Oh Sees “Minotaur”

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from the album 'Floating Coffin', out April 16 on Castle Face Records.

Thee Oh Sees originally began as a creative outlet for frontman John Dwyer (of Pink and Brown, Coachwhips, and The Hospitals) to indulge his experimental tendencies that gradually grew into a full band with over twelve albums in their discography.  “Minotaur” is the new video off their latest album, Floating Coffin, and is shot in the charmingly grainy style of the 70s.  The song is from the point of view of the minotaur (a mythological creature with the body of a man and head of a bull) as we watch him unenthusiastically clocking in for yet another day of guarding the labyrinth against those are trying to rescue the damsel being held hostage within, all the while wishing he were at the beach instead.  It shows that things aren’t always what they seem, as to the damsel and would-be-rescuers he is just a dangerous beast to be killed, but he’s only doing his job at the expense of his hopes and dreams.