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The Seduction of Soup

The Seduction of Soup

From broth to vichychoisse, there’s something seductive about soups. The various names alone take you on a journey to different lands, tastes and traditions. There are bisques, consommés, chowders, gazpachos, goulashes and stews. All satisfy nurture and sustain. Entering this “pot au feu”, can be as seductive to the palate as any culinary dish. For [...]

 Sarah Sparks

My Life of Disordered Eating

An Essay By Sarah Sparks.

Today I got up at 7:30am and by 8:00am (okay 8:15, so I was a little late! I was having one of thosemornings) I was heading out the door and on my way to class. I raced straight from the bus to class and did not stop. My class ended at 12:30pm and I had to [...]

 Angel Edwards

Mira and Elroy

Mira and Elroy

The Bird and the Fish Who Fell in Love.

There once existed a magical body of water in a faraway kingdom, rarely visited by mankind. Schools of fish, a turtle and assorted water creatures lived happily within the pool. One summer day, a lovely red bird swooped down from the blue sky and dipped her copper colored beak into the water. Mira spread her [...]